Quality Control Supervisor, Lien Unit
Hearing Representative

Practice Areas:

  • Workers' Compensation Law

Professional Experience

John Castro is the Quality Control Supervisor of the Lien Unit and a Hearing Representative with the Law Offices of Floyd Skeren Manukian Langevin, LLP in our firm’s Westlake Village office. His experience began working as both a Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims Examiner. He began his focus on Workers’ Compensation by securing his California Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration Certifications in Workers’ Compensation Claims and Advance Course, Vocational Rehabilitation, Permanent Disability Rating and Medical Coordination of Workers’ Compensation Claims. Subsequently, he became a Senior Claims Examiner and later began to focus on medical provider liens working in the Insurance Carrier’s in-house litigation department. He now works in our Lien Unit, as his working closely with clients has brought much success in settlement negotiations and lien trials. In 2012, he completed his Certification in Medicare Set Aside, and in 2014, he received his Certification in Fraud Identification from the Insurance Education Association.