FSML has a dedicated team of Hearing Representatives in each of our District Offices with well over 100 years of experience, who tailor their defenses, litigation techniques, style and level of aggressiveness based on our clients’ desires in consideration of the environment within which they practice before the various Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards District Offices. Elizabeth Herschel is the Director of our statewide lien unit. Working together, they oversee and manage all Hearing Representatives and Lien Specialists throughout California. With extensive knowledge of the Official Medical Fee Schedule and the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule, this unit ensures that files are given the utmost attention with the goal of a cost-effective defense and efficient closure. Our Hearing Representatives are well versed in the IBR Process, Fee Schedule Analysis (individual bills, overview of the entire case, and guidance on bill review compliance), EOR accuracy and timeliness, lien analysis (identifying defenses to payment or recommending appropriate level of reimbursement), IMR/UR analysis, MPN issues, as well as litigating actual case in chief issues post settlements on denied claims on all threshold issues to obtain the desired outcome of our individual clients. While a mid-size firm, we still maintain a boutique law firm approach for all of our clients. In doing so, we have saved our clients millions of dollars in aggregate each and every year.

For example:

2020 (year-to-date):
Outstanding Balance: $226,316.22
Lien Savings: $182,474.05
Savings Percent: 80.63%
Number of Liens: 22

Outstanding Balance: $16,099,375.28
Lien Savings: $13,453,581.40
Savings Percent: 83.57%
Number of Liens: 1249

Outstanding Balance: $20,389,984.78
Lien Savings: $16,857,509.36
Savings Percent: 82.68%
Number of Liens: 1801

Outstanding Balance: $22,255,034.45
Lien Savings: $18,471,557.50
Savings Percent: 83.00%
Number of Liens: 2053

Outstanding Balance: $9,321,451.27
Lien Savings: $7,554,933.12
Savings Percent: 81.05%
Number of Liens: 1035